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Election results day!!

There have been elections across the country as well as our Year 6 elections in school this week. What do you know about what has been taking place? What did you think about the parties in our Year 6 election? Would you like to be a politician when you grow up?

This weeks challenge

This week the prompt is five words. These must ALL be in your writing but can be in any order. If you could highlight them in some way, it would help those who visit to leave a comment. The words are: … Drum … Cornflake … Exciting … Lion … Danced …

Today’s Eclipse

This morning we were lucky enough to have an almost full eclipse of the sun in Manchester – it got to 98% covered. What did you see of the eclipse? Did you watch it on the big screens in your classroom? What did you think about it? Do you know why it happens? Let me […]

Book review of Adolphas Tips

The book is about a small girl named Lilly, who writes a diary about her amazing life. It is set in the 2nd world war when we had almost defeated Germany. The yanks (American soldiers) needed land by the sea to practice the invasion of France. Part of the land they needed consisted of Lilly’s […]